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On-Demand training courses for relationship education facilitators and mental health professionals

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PREP, Inc. develops resources for couples, educators, therapists, and programs to support healthy and happy relationships.


PREP is the gold standard for the development and dissemination of evidence-based relationship education curricula, as verified by the number, size, and scope of randomized controlled studies (RCT's) conducted using PREP materials.

Additionally, PREP’s research team—led by Dr. Howard Markman, Dr. Scott Stanley & Dr. Galena Rhoades—has written over 130 journal articles, papers, and reports based on their research. Since 1980, this body of research has received support from the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Institutes of Child Health and Development, the Administration of Children and Families, the National Science Foundation, and the Hunt Foundation.


The strategies in the PREP Approach to relationship education are based on over 40 years of research in the field of marital health and success, with much of the specific research conducted at the University of Denver Center for Marital and Family Studies.

While some of the values underlying strong and healthy relationships are timeless (e.g., respect, commitment, forgiveness), the issues relationships face aren’t. That’s why PREP continuously engages with the latest research into how couples and individuals can build more resilient relationships.


The effectiveness of PREP curricula has been evaluated by multiple research teams both in the US and internationally. PREP, Inc. has created curricula that demonstrate beneficial effects—such as reduced divorce rate, lower instances of intimate partner violence, improved conflict management—in accordance with highly rigorous scientific standards for dissemination. For more information about PREP’s effects, go here (link to awesome results).


As well as providing cutting-edge knowledge, PREP also refines its educational strategies for teaching adult learners. Our curricula Leader Guides have bullet points that provide directives and additional script that actively engage learners in the content. The language, activities, and examples provided in our Leader Guides are designed to support effective facilitation.

In addition to videos, we also have a mix of media including illustrated lectures, animations and some live lecture videos that help to make valuable teaching points while keeping participants engaged.

PREP offers a variety of curricula tailored towards specific demographics. You can see other curricula examples here.


PREP works to regularly refine their strategies and materials based on ongoing research being conducted by various social scientists around the world. As research reveals more about relationships, PREP incorporates the latest, most useful (and robust) findings into their program. PREP also incorporates feedback from practitioners in order to update materials for more effective delivery.


PREP has curricula for both couples and individuals, including groups like fathers, military service members, those who are incarcerated, as well as particular high-risk populations. Facilitators of the PREP material include: educators, social workers, therapists, professors, religious leaders, government employees, military personnel, and international agencies. Anyone interested in bringing research-based, healthy relationship skills to a variety of couples and individuals can benefit from our online training.

On-Demand Trainings from PREP, Inc

On-Demand training courses for relationship education facilitators and mental health professionals

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